Real estate stats have always shown home sales rising during summer and spring but dwindling during winter and autumn months. If you’re still on the fence about listing your home before the winter months, you may need to act fast because of the following reasons:
  1. Equity advantage

Due to recent market upswings in the Virginia real estate market, your home already has more value. It’s time to take advantage of the gains in equity and list your home now.

  1. Your house is too small

You’ve grossly outgrown your present home — either you had two more kids or an older parent has shifted in. If you are in a home that’s too small for your immediate (and future) needs, this is the time to consider the jump to something somewhat larger. Sale prices are solid, and you could take advantage of current interest levels before they start climbing.

  1. Incredible shrinking family

Empty nesters need to consider downsizing. It’s not fun to have to manage a big house with all its daily responsibilities, cleaning and maintenance. Downsizing now will mean less stress and a better lifestyle.

  1. Interest rates could start a fire

Interest rates are going nowhere but up, so if you are wondering when could be the best time to get a good mortgage rate on a new home?, the answer is now. Rates are currently at historic lows and are not likely to go anywhere but north in the foreseeable future. Sell now, buy and get these low rates for the long term.

  1. Sell if you want to, don’t run after the market

Not ready? Don’t rush it. If you are dealing with job change, divorce, children, medical issues, marriage, etc., and you should sell your present home right now (or don’t have enough time or energy to really get your home in market-ready condition), don’t make an effort to chase the market, run at your own pace.

However, the market still determines your real estate experience. If prices are high, you buy high and you sell high. So, you still need to consider the market whenever you do decide to sell. The bottom line is, list your house when you need to, price it right and move on.