Marketers of any kind of product know how important it is to understand the needs of their clients. The needs could be generic or specific depending on the type of product. Looking at a home as a product, you’ll understand that buyers of different age groups seek different things in a home.

For example, millenials do not really consider size of rooms when buying a home, but multi-functionality, while boomers prefer size. However, there are some common things that all buyers, no matter the age bracket want. Hence, to sell my house in Virginia, I’ll not overlook the following:

  1. Storage. When looking to avoid under-marketing, keep this at heart: showcasing your home in its best light is not simply about what you like about it. You may currently have outgrown the area, and began to see its imperfections more than its finer items: that is why you’re moving. However the goal of good marketing is to focus on things that allows your home to glow in the eye of your buyers and against your competition and one of this is a large storage space.
  2. Energy. Many buyers are drawn to the budget-friendliness of energy-efficient features of the less extreme variety. So, if your property is a fairly no-frills property but has a tankless hot water heater, dual-paned house windows and new insulation, talk about it! If you have got your energy charges down way below what’s normal locally, this is a feature you do not want to forget about; your agent can help you understand how to pass this information to buyers.
  3. Proximity. You may think the right buyers for your home will find it online just because of where it is located, so it is ridiculous to advertise the proximity of the property to amenities and attractions. Not the case. All buyers want a house that’s close to amenities and also easily accessible, but not everyone will have the time or know-how to do a zip-code search.

Your house may be a gem in this respect, but your buyer wouldn’t know this if you didn’t mention it. Also, your prospective buyer could look at all the houses in the city in their price range, but the fact that yours is off by an employer or a major university could push yours on top of the list.