“Approved” is my favorite word to tell my clients after months of hard work.  Just this past week we got got 3 approvals, one in DC, one in VA and one in MD and while I am very happy – I know we are far from being done and I prep my clients accordingly.  The buyer now needs to get the deal to the table, which means that they need to do inspections, appraisals, and get their loan approved.

As you can imagine this brings another set of potential situations that can come up. The buyer may have qualified months earlier, but now their financial situation may have changed, or after months of waiting, they could have identified something else that they now prefer. Perhaps, the property flooded or a roof leaked as we were waiting for an approval.

The list goes on and on.  It’s important to realize that you need to stay flexible and you have to adapt and not loose faith.  A great agent is going to anticipate these things and do everything they can to prevent these situations from happening. More importantly,  if they do happen, they have to be good at solving problems. Short Sales are about solving problems and persisting.  Keep moving forward and don’t loose faith…good things are right around the corner.

– Rob