For homeowners who can no longer keep up with their mortgages, worrying about fees and expenses to do a short sale is the last thing they need. Fortunately, using a short sale expert to help your sale doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg.

When you use our team of experienced short sale agents:

You will not have to pay commission on the sale.

You will not have to pay any out of pocket fees.

You will be cleared of deficiency debt.

This is not necessarily the case (especially the deficiency debt erasure) with all short sale real estate agents, so make sure you ask!

There may be some costs along the way that will make the process smoother if you can at all afford to pay them. These include any unpaid Real Estate Taxes, Tax Liens, HOA fees, Condo fees, and any other liens on the property. At the very least, you need to let your negotiators know about any and all of these unpaid costs as soon as possible to coordinate your strategy for negotiation with the bank. Finding out about an HOA lien on the property at the last second can derail an otherwise progressing short sale!

If you think a short sale might be the right option for you, you can give us a call to find out more about how our team can help you get your underwater property sold at 703-212-3344 today.