What Are the Best Characteristics For a Short Sale Negotiator?

In the state of Virginia the way that we do it is you want to contact the Realtor that has experience in doing a short sale. You want a Realtor that has closed a number of transactions in the past because it is a lengthy process. It’s not complicated, but it’s lengthy and there are lots of little steps that have to be followed properly. You can go online and you can find certain agents that have certifications. There are lots of different certifications out there that show that they have at least had some form of training within the world of short sales.

The next question that you would want to ask is how many short sales have you actually completed and can you show me proof with approval letters? These will show that they have actually gotten these short sales approved.

Also in the state of Virginia, agents shouldn’t be negotiating. I know a lot of agent still do, but they shouldn’t be negotiating their own short sales. They should have somebody on their team that actually negotiates the short sales for them because it is something that takes an incredibly long amount of time during the course of the day and a good short sale agent doesn’t have the ability to do both. They have to either help guide their client, sell that property, and find buyers for the property or they have to negotiate their short sales. They can’t do one or the other effectively.

You can find them online or you can also go into the MLS and see who is doing a lot of short sales.

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