HSBC Short Sale Package


1 Front Exterior  10408 Pearl Street, Fairfax, VA  11 05 2014 sold













Check out the CAZA D.A.D’s recent successful HSBC Short Sale Package

Almost 80k in deficiency debt waived! This short sale had 2 liens with HSBC (HFC), the second of which took a net proceed of $0! The best part, our negotiators made sure the sellers could not be held liable for the difference.

We also helped these sellers find themselves a new home to rent for the next 2 years while they rebuild their savings and credit. Our mission is to help struggling home owners fix their problem property and get on to a better situation.

If you are struggling to make payments on your mortgage and don’t think your house is worth what you owe, a short sale might be right for you. Call our team at 703-212-3344 for a no-obligation consult to see if we can help you escape your property situation!