Steps To Getting a Divorce in Virginia

While the decision to file for divorce may not have been an easy one to make, you may now be ready to move forward with this plan. Filing for divorce can seem overwhelming and confusing, but by understanding more about the steps to getting a divorce in Virginia, you may be able to more easily move forward with this process. After you have determined that you meet the residency requirements for filing for divorce, you can move forward with the other steps to getting a divorce in Virginia.

Make Decisions about the Divorce
In Virginia, you can file for a full or partial divorce. With a partial divorce, you will live separately, but you will not be permitted to marry other people. You must also determine the reason for filing for divorce, such as cruelty, abandonment or other reasons.

Calculate Child Support
There are additional steps to getting a divorce in Virginia if you have children. You will need to calculate how much child support should be paid to the parent who will have primary custody, and there are forms available through the state to facilitate this calculation. The couple may also attempt to agree on child custody on their own outside of the court.

Divide Your Assets and Debts
If a couple can agree on how to divide assets on their own then this may be a better overall solution than allowing the courts to do it. The couple can attempt to sell items that they no longer need or want. For example, it is common for a divorcing couple to sell the home and some of its contents. The money may be used to reduce or eliminate debts, and this often can simplify the task of dividing assets and debts.

File the Forms
The final steps associated with filing for divorce in Virginia relates to completing the required forms and filing them. The forms are generally filed through your local County Clerk’s office. The forms will also need to be officially served to your spouse. A hearing will be scheduled, and the divorce typically will be finalized after a final Divorce Decree is filed with the County Clerk’s office.

There are some instances when a partial divorce may be granted immediately, but most will need to follow these steps to getting a divorce in Virginia. You may work with a lawyer to complete the process or for legal representation.

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