Short Sale Guide

For the insiders step by step guide to completing a short sale email and in the subject line write – SEND ME THE GUIDE or you can call (703) 212-3344 to request your FREE step by step short sale guide.

WARNING – Contents inside may cause you to successfully short sale your home!

  • How to write an awesome hardship letter that gets the banks attention.
  • Building a short sale package that gets accepted.
  • Executing the right marketing plan for your property.
  • Selecting the buyer that will help us get it closed.
  • Stacking all the cards in your favor to get an approval.
  • How to handle the phone calls from the bank during the process.
  • Knowing the issues that may come up during the process and how to prevent them.
  • Managing the buyer to make sure they get us to settlement.
  • Closing!!!