Attention Military and Civilian Personnel!

Attention Military and Civilian Personnel - What is Hap?

The information below is directly from the HAP site:

The Department of Defense (DOD) is proud to offer the Homeowners Assistance Program (HAP) to eligible service members and federal civilian, including non-appropriated fund, employees. The program is authorized by law, and administered by the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) to assist eligible homeowners who face financial loss when selling their primary residence homes in areas where real estate values have declined because of a base closure or realignment announcement.

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) temporarily expands the HAP to assist service members and DOD employees who are wounded, injured or become ill when deployed, surviving spouses of service members or DOD employees killed or died of wounds while deployed, service member and civilian employees assigned to BRAC 05 organizations, and service members required to permanently relocate during the home mortgage crisis.

Are you Eligible for Hap?

It feels good to get testimonials likes these…Thank You. Virginia Short Sale Expert.

How is it going? I wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for the work you and your team did for me the last year. It has been thirteen months since I met you at my condo and you told me from the beginning that it could be a wild ride, but I honestly had no idea it would be that wild.
I imagine I only know a fraction of what really happened, but what I know is that we lost two buyers, the banks hated each other, me, you and everyone else resulting in monumental negotiations and renegotiations and renegotiations, two foreclosure dates were pushed, and we almost didn’t make the sale due to bickering every single day of the last couple weeks down to an hour before the papers were signed. Beside the fact that you dropped cash to help me pass the inspection, beside the fact that it was nearly a year of telephone work, to me the most valuable thing you did was communicate with me. Your knowledge, confidence and competence were the things that really held it together for me. I don’t know how many hour long phone calls we had where you explained the same things to me over and over until I understood them or gave me examples of people who had been there before and experienced the same things. That was the most invaluable thing to me.
I owe you and your team a life debt. If karma exists I will be working off that payment for a long time to come. In the fast pace, corporate world where no one take any accountability for anything they do, you and your team are proof that there are still good people out there working hard taking on way more accountability than they should.