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Is Your Adjustable Rate Mortgage Giving You a Rough Ride?

Mortgage uncertainties are currently the order of the day for homeowners as speculations have arisen that mortgage rates are likely going up while others believe they’re coming even lower. For many defaulting homeowners, 2009 offered the saving grace with base rates which many homeowners found favorable. But this is changing with recent base rate increases….

VA Loans And Short Sales

For many years, VA loans have been used by numerous military personnel past and present to obtain home ownership. Considered to be one of the U.S. government’s most successful ventures, the VA loan program has allowed many people to obtain homes for pennies on the dollars via short sale. In today’s real estate market, VA…

Ocwen Altisource Hubzu

In the world of high-finance and home mortgages, situations can become very complex and at times confusing when a company’s practices are called into question. This has been the case with Ocwen Altisource Hubzu, which in recent months has come under fire from the New York State Department of Financial Services regarding its handling of…