Month: November 2016

Washington Foreclosures – Down to 70%

The end of last decade saw the rise in home foreclosures. There were many factors involved. The rapidly declining prices of the home, risky mortgage loans and the rising rate of unemployment coerced a numerous homeowners of the Washington D.C into foreclosure during the late 2000s….

Buying a Short Sale? Avoid These Errors

Since the deep recession periods of 2007, short sales have been a way for buyers to escape foreclosures and relieve themselves of weighty mortgage balances. Even though, buying a short sale is an opportunity, it might also be a burden when you have to spend too much on repairs. Short sale, foreclosure or HUD home…

Why Many Boomerang Buyers Are Coming Back Into the Housing Market

Cities that were hardest hit by foreclosure are going to see an upsurge in demand by boomerang buyers, cities like Phoenix, DC, Detroit, Miami and Las Vegas. This is based on assessment of foreclosure rates, affordability and demographic data by RealtyTrac. A boomerang buyer is one of the seven million homeowners who lost their home…