Month: August 2016

Selling My House in Virginia: 3 Things Homebuyers Will Not Overlook

Marketers of any kind of product know how important it is to understand the needs of their clients. The needs could be generic or specific depending on the type of product. Looking at a home as a product, you’ll understand that buyers of different age groups seek different things in a home. For example, millenials…

Is Your Adjustable Rate Mortgage Giving You a Rough Ride?

Mortgage uncertainties are currently the order of the day for homeowners as speculations have arisen that mortgage rates are likely going up while others believe they’re coming even lower. For many defaulting homeowners, 2009 offered the saving grace with base rates which many homeowners found favorable. But this is changing with recent base rate increases….

Why You Should Take Action Now If You Want To Sell Your Home

Action makes results possible. It’s the one thing the differentiates those who get what they want and people that hope to get what they want. Every action starts with a small step, which results in bigger actions and then momentum is created. Amusing how some day slips into the next before you hardly notice it….