Ocwen Short Sale

In today’s real estate market, many people find themselves living in homes that are worth far less than what they paid for them only a few years ago. When this is the case and the homeowner also finds that they are unable to continue to make their mortgage payments, a short sale is often the best option. Short sales, which involve a home being sold for less than the remaining balance on the mortgage, are often done by banks as a way to get some money for the property rather than letting it go into foreclosure. When people find themselves needing to do a short sale, they turn to Ocwen Financial Corporation for assistance.

Ocwen Short Sale in Virginia
Working with some of the largest financial institutions in the United States, Ocwen specializes in foreclosure prevention and loss mitigation. When a short sale occurs in Virginia, Ocwen works with both those looking to sell their property as well as investors looking to cash in on properties selling for far less than they are worth. Considered a leader in home retention solutions, Ocwen strives to help homeowners in every way possible to navigate through difficult financial circumstances. Yet when a short sale is the only viable solution, customers who take advantage of an Ocwen short sale in Virginia can have access to a number of services provided by Ocwen, such as:

  • Home Affordable Modification Program
  • Consumer advocacy and outreach
  • Personalized mortgage solutions
  • Excellent customer service

Buying or Selling in Virginia?
While Ocwen works with buyers and sellers throughout Virginia, much of the company’s business focuses on properties located in northern Virginia. A wide variety of properties have been bought and sold through the Ocwen short sale process in 2015, and many more transactions are expected to take place in 2016. In many cases, homes have sold for just over half of their worth, offering great deals for investors or people looking to purchase the home of their dreams for far less than they ever expected. In fact, many homes that have been worth $160,000 or more have sold recently for only $90,000. The amenities included with these properties have been numerous, and have included:

  • Swimming pools
  • Gallery-style kitchens
  • New siding and windows
  • Large lots and yards

Whether a person is looking to sell in order to get out from under a mortgage they cannot pay or hoping to pick up a true real estate bargain, an Ocwen short sale in Virginia can accomplish that and much more.