Month: May 2015

Building A Short Sale Package That Gets Accepted

Rob Chevez and Michael Benmira of CAZA’s Distressed Asset Division discuss what it takes to build a short sale package that gets accepted.


What If I End Up With A Deficiency?

In a short sale, you sell your home for less than the total debt balance remaining on the mortgage. The lender agrees to accept the sale proceeds and release the lien on the property. The proceeds of the sale pay off a portion of the mortgage balance. Short sales are one way for borrowers can…

How To Write A Loan Modification Hardship Letter

How To Write An Awesome Hardship Letter That Gets The Bank’s Attention Rob Chevez and Michael Benmira of CAZA’s Distressed Asset Division (D.A.D.) briefly explain the process of writing the perfect hardship letter to get the bank’s attention.

What Is A Short Sale & Do I Qualify?

Alexandria Short Sale Approved

Wells Fargo Relocation Short Sale Approved! This short sale approval has been a long time coming! After months of hard work, the bank rejected our initial offer and countered $40,000 above contract price! While those buyers weren’t able to continue, we found another buyer who was able to come in at bank asking price. Now,…

HSBC Short Sale Package

                          Check out the CAZA D.A.D’s recent successful HSBC Short Sale Package Almost 80k in deficiency debt waived! This short sale had 2 liens with HSBC (HFC), the second of which took a net proceed of $0! The best part, our negotiators made…