Month: July 2014

Another CAZA Short Sale Sold

Short Sale in Oakton, VA The short sale process can be a long one, but the end result with the help of Rob and his team is SUCCESS. This deal took almost a year to negotiate, and agents with less experience and resolve might not have been able to get it all the way to…

Short Sale Townhouse In Alexandria

Short sales are almost exclusively sold in as-is condition, as the sellers are navigating financial hardship and do not have the extra resources to maintain and fix up the property. This does not necessarily mean that the properties are in rough shape. We have a new short-sale listing in Alexandria that is still a stunner….

The Trouble With Ocwen

The Trouble with Ocwen, Altisource, and Hubzu Ocwen is a loan servicing company that currently services many loans originated elsewhere throughout the country. When you originate a mortgage with a bank or other lender, the mortgage is often sold on the secondary mortgage market to loan servicers, such as Ocwen. Even if you start out…