The Fear of Doing a Short Sale

Over the last 4 years I have counseled hundreds of clients who have approached me on the pro’s and con’s of doing a short sale.  Some want to know how to  short  their property strategically,( they had the ability to pay) and others had no choice in the matter because the alternative was far worse  “FORECLOSURE”, and the just wanted answers about what to expect.   The reality is that doing a short sale is not that difficult to do.    As long as the borrower can prove some form of hardship whether it be divorce, job loss, relocation,reduction in income, etc – we can make a make a good case to get a short sale approved.  The reality is that banks want to see more income flowing out of your account than is flowing into the account. If we can show a deficit each month that has been incurred  due to a hardship or WILL be incurred sometime in the future, there is a 98% chance we can get your short sale approved. Let me be clear – The banks WANT to APPROVE Short sales. It saves them Money and they realize that it’s better for all parties involved.

The most rewarding thing about the entire process is the weight I see lifted off of my clients shoulders once we get the short sale approved and their deficiency balance forgive.  It makes me feel like I’ve made a SIGNIFICANT difference in their lives and that makes me happy.

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Do you really know what your home is worth?

The market has risen so fast this past year that many homeowners are not longer upside down.  Do you know what homes are selling for in your area? I’m spreading the word – your home is worth more than you think! Click on the image below to receive your FREE over the NET home evaluation or you can contact 703-587-0995.


Wells Fargo Short Sale Approval in Sterling


Another Approved Short Sale! N



The lender on this loan was Wells Fargo.  It took 5 months to complete but in the end we were able to negotiate all the deficiency debt away and get our sellers money for relocation assistance. Do you have questions about your Wells Fargo Loan?  Call for a no obligation consultation.

Tip of the day – The short sale package you submit to the bank has to be PERFECT!  Every document being requested needs to be submitted correctly the first time. Make sure your agent/ or negotiator is using the most up to day short sale documents required by your bank.

BOA Short Sale Approved – Over 400K Deficiency Waived!

400K in deficiency debt waived and 30K in seller relocation approved!
400K in deficiency debt waived and 30K in seller relocation approved!

There was a 1st and 2nd on on this beautiful home in Fairfax County.  Both were owned by BOA .  After 4 months of negotiation we were able to get the seller 30K in relocation assistance and all his deficiency debt waived.   The CAZA Group of Keller Williams Realty has a division specifically dedicated to helping clients that need short sale assistance, for more information visit our short sale blog or contact us at 703-212-3344.

It’s always rewarding to get great reviews on Zillow :-)

It was our pleasure to help this family get out from under a huge upside down home.
It was our pleasure to help this family get out from under a huge upside down home.

98% of our Short Sales Get Approved which means you have a team you can trust to help you through the process.  The family above was in a tight spot like many families today.  They were behind in their mortgage and more than 100K upside down on their loan.  We were able to get the bank to forgive the debt and they walked away with 3K in relocation money – not too bad for a days work:-)  To find out we can help you give me a call 703-587-0995.