Month: February 2013

Another APPROVED short sale!

  APPROVED!!! ASC just approved this single family home short sale in Gainesville, VA!  The difference between what was owed and the approval price was $39,000.00!!  Sellers also received $3000.00 in Relocation assistance!  WOW!

Real Estate Trends 2013

I was recently featured on “Cash Flow Smart. Live Rich” WTNT 730am & 102.9fm.

21191 Mcfadden Sq – Sterling APPROVED & SOLD – 4 Liens

There were 4 Liens on this property  – no easy task, but we were able to successfully get our client out without owing a dime!

Another One Approved and SOLD!

Another Short Sale Approved and SOLD! There were two loans on this property both being held by a small local credit union.  It wasn’t easy but we finally able to help our client get out from under the stress of this property.

Fannie and Freddie – Valuation Disputes and what to do.

Over the last 5 months we have been seeing many cases where the banks are asking for more than fair market value for the property.  In an effort to fight back we have designed a process to combat these wrong evaluations. We not only prepare a CMA but we also prepare an appraisal for the…