Do You Have A Chase Loan?

Here are some good resources for you if you have a Chase Loan:

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Bank of America Required Short Sale Documents

I handle a lot of Bank of America Short Sales.  Below you will find very specific documents that are required when applying for a short sale with Bank of America.

 Bank of America offers relocation assistance.  If you are considering doing a short sale call 703-587-0995 for a no obligation consultation.

I helped our last seller get 18K in relocation assistance – check  us out on Zillow:

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You May Not Need To Do A Short Sale

Just this week I was able to show 3 sellers how they could get out of their property without doing a short sale.  With the lack of inventory, property positioning and marketing  and the right agent – you may be able to get out of your home without doing a short sale.  This does not apply to everyone but there is a group of sellers that are finding that the market value of their home is higher than what they thought which in their case allows them to satisfy the entire loan.  If you have questions about the value of your home call me for a no obligation market analysis to determine if we can get you out without having to do a short sale.

Rob Chevez, CDPE

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Great news for short sales sellers in 2013!

Great news for short sales sellers in 2013!

The Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act, set to expire January 1, has been extended through 2013. This is thousands of dollars in tax savings!

The 2007 act allows taxpayers to exempt mortgage debt forgiven by a lender in a loan modification, short sale or foreclosure. They can avoid federal taxes on any unpaid mortgage the bank can’t recover through an auction or short sale.

Up to $2 million in forgiven debt is eligible ($1 million if married and filing separately). The provision applies to debt incurred from 2007 to 2012.  This is awesome news.