Month: July 2012

The Banks Don’t Want to Foreclose – They WANT To Do A Short Sale

[youtube]   I was at a conference earlier this week with Bank of America, Chase and Wells Fargo and ALL of them said that they are taking large strides to help the community do short sales. Here are the highlights: 1) They are offering incentives to the sellers. 2) They are cutting down the…

Another Successful Short Sale!!! Sellers got 19K

The Lender was BOA.  We were able to get over 150K in deficiency debt WAIVED PLUS ++++ We were able to get our clients $19,000 in relocation money!!! Not bad for a days work 🙂

Format for a Great Hardship Letter.

This outline will help you prepare your hardship letter. The sample answers are to assist you NOT to just be copied. Your hardship letter should only contain facts. Just be honest. Your goal is to explain to your Lender why you can no longer make the payments for your property. This letter should be handwritten…