The Banks Don’t Want to Foreclose – They WANT To Do A Short Sale



I was at a conference earlier this week with Bank of America, Chase and Wells Fargo and ALL of them said that they are taking large strides to help the community do short sales.

Here are the highlights:

1) They are offering incentives to the sellers.

2) They are cutting down the time frames for approvals.

3) They are streamlining their process and hiring more people to help.

Bank of America has incentives of up to 30K for sellers to do a short sale.

The banks are partnering with Experienced Short Sale Agents to help them get the word out.  Call me for more details 703-587-0995

Format for a Great Hardship Letter.

This outline will help you prepare your hardship letter. The sample answers are to assist you NOT to just be copied. Your hardship letter should only contain facts. Just be honest. Your goal is to explain to your Lender why you can no longer make the payments for your property. This letter should be handwritten and legible.

TO: Wells Fargo

FR: Paul and Suzie Helpus

RE: 1234 Lost Value Ave. Poinciana FL 34759

LN#: 34578903

First Paragraph-Explain what you want

We are requesting that you approve us for a short sale of our loan with your Company.
We are no longer able to make the payments and have been trying hard to sell the property.
We love our home but due to circumstances beyond our control we are no longer able to pay for it.
Please accept this short sale offer and relieve us of any future liability. We are requesting a “Full Waiver of Deficiency”

Secondly, describe your hardship

What led to your current financial problems and caused you to miss mortgage payments?
What caused your hardship?
Did you lose your job?
Did your current job require a transfer?

Be very specific. Remember you are trying to get your Lender to accept a loss. Be honest and be thorough.

Then describe what you have tried to do to overcome your hardship.

Have you been to counseling?

Have you been job hunting?

Are you cutting back on your expenses?

Have you been making mortgage payments on your credit cards?

Briefly outline your current situation.

You have a new job but are making less money.

You had to move due to divorce, job, children etc….

Provide your contact information.

Let them know they are free to contact you if they have any questions BUT reiterate that they should contact your Broker.

Finally, sign and date the letter.

All Borrowers must sign.