Month: February 2012

Suntrust Approval!!!

Just got done getting this short sale approved!  There will be no deficiency judgement against my client 🙂 !!!    

Can I get a short sale approved if I am current and what is the impact on my credit?

[youtube] You can get a short sale approved even if you are current – except if your loan is FHA.  If you are able to get a short sale approved while remaining current the impact on your credit can vary – there is no standard, but the common consensus is that the impact on…

At our KW conference. Short Sale Mastery.

In Florida networking and learning the best practices of short sale mastery.  I’ve made some incredible contacts with some of the major banks that will help get short sales approved.

Check out the video / newsbite on why the short sale trend is growing.

I ran across this news sound bite today and I thought you would find it interesting: Why is the short sale trend growing? It discusses why the banks are offering incentives to home owners who are going through a short sale. Make sure you call and ask your bank to see if you qualify for…